Sunday, June 14, 2009

Kung Fu Movies

Five Deadly Venoms (1978) - Bad dubbing. Weak acting. Campy action. I loved it!

The plot: Five students learn five distinct styles: the centipede (fast), the snake (agile), the scorpion (expert with darts), the lizard (can walk up walls) and the toad (strength). Some use their Kung Fu for good. Some for bad. The teacher sends out his latest pupil who is schooled in all five styles to stop those of his former students who use their skills to do evil.

Favorite parts: The sound effects. All fight movements are accompanied by one of three sound effects. The thup for misses. The clack for blows that make contact. And my favorite, the rattle-hiss for snake style attacks. Also check out how the dubbers pay attention to detail when one of the characters wears a mask to hide his identity. Because of the mask, the dubber makes sure to muffle his voice. Who cares that I couldn't hear him?

Five Deadly Venoms scores five chinese stars!

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